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Bay City
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Rubber Dams: The inflatable rubber dam has been used to control flow in rivers for more than forty years. The basic characteristics of this unique structure, in terms of design, construction and operation, are quite well known to potential investors and/or operators. Less well known, perhaps, is the degree to which the technology has advanced over the past four decades and how many projects are actually being carried out every year. At the present time, three of the world's largest inflatable rubber dams are being installed as storm surge barriers at a site in the Netherlands. The fact that these dams are 8.0m high would hardly have been considered possible five years ago.

Spillway Gates: The pneumatically-operated spillway gate manufactured by Obermeyer Hydro Inc. is a much more recent innovation than an inflatable rubber dam but no less unique. It has been in use for about fifteen years and already gates with heights of approximately 5.5m (18ft) have been installed. Up to now, most spillway gates have been installed in the USA, but, with contracts in India, Peru and Germany under way, it is likely that its use will become as global as that of the inflatable rubber dam within a very short period.
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Mason Bilafer Partnership: Mason Bilafer Partnership (MBP) is an independent consulting engineer and a specialist in the field of inflatable rubber dams and pneumatically-operated spillway gates. Although based in the United Kingdom, MBP offers the following services to owners, operators, consultants and contractors around the world:

  • Technical advice
  • Budgetary estimates
  • Preparation of tender documentation
  • Contract administration
  • Project management
  • Installation supervision
  • Troubleshooting
  • Dispute resolution
Don Mason of MBP has worked on rubber dam and spillway gate projects for more than ten years.
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