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Mason Bilafer Partnership (MBP) was established in 1999 by Donald Mason and Vinka Bilafer. The company is a specialist consultant in the field of inflatable rubber dams and spillway gates. It provides independent advice to owners, operators, clients, consultants and contractors on all matters relating to inflatable rubber dams and spillway gates from initial feasibility studies through preparation of tender documents to installation, commissioning and even troubleshooting existing problems.

Donald Mason is the principal partner of MBP and a leading independent authority on inflatable rubber dams. Before establishing MBP, he worked as product manager for Sumitomo Electric, the world's largest manufacturer of inflatable rubber dams. He has been involved with the inflatable rubber dam business for 11 years; 9 years with Sumitomo Electric and 2 years as an independent consultant. In his career, he has managed the installation of all Sumitomo Electric's rubber dam projects in Europe; a total of 12 rubber dams. He has also promoted the use of inflatable rubber dams at many other project sites where rubber dams are being successfully operated today. He has also been responsible for overseeing the introduction of the first pneumatically-operated Obermeyer spillway gate into mainland Europe.

MBP can offer the following services:

Feasibility Studies: MBP can visit a site where the use of a rubber dam is being considered and give recommendations on the layout, dimensions and operating criteria for the rubber dam. MBP can also advise on potential problems before they arise. Not all sites are suitable for a rubber dam therefore an early assessment by a knowledgeable professional is recommended. MBP can contact the major rubber dam manufacturers and obtain budget prices. MBP can also give advice on installation including the type of equipment and manpower required. Most major rubber dam manufacturers will send an installation supervisor to give advice on the installation work but they will not carry out the work themselves.

Preparation of Tender Documents: MBP will prepare the technical specifications so that none of the major manufacturers are given an advantage in tendering. On some major rubber dam projects, specifications have been written showing specific features of a particularly manufacturer's rubber dam. This has resulted in other manufacturers refusing to submit an offer leading to a higher than expected contract price.

Contract Negotiations: MBP can attend contract negotiations on behalf of the owner to make sure that all aspects of the rubber dam supply are covered including design, quality of materials, delivery, installation procedures, testing, commissioning, maintenance and repair works.

Factory Inspection: MBP can attend shop inspections on behalf of the client to ensure that the materials of the rubber dam are manufactured to agreed standards and in accordance with established international procedures.

Installation Supervision: MBP can supervise installation of the river dam on behalf of the owner. MBP can make sure that agreed procedures are followed and that the work is carried out in accordance with established international standards.

Troubleshooting: MBP can visit existing rubber dam installations that are experiencing problems and give advice on the cause of the problems and recommendations on measures to rectify the problems.

Arbitration: MBP can act as an arbiter in disputes between owners, operators, consultants, contractors and rubber dam manufacturers.

MBP can provide all the above services on a fee basis or for a daily rate plus expenses. For information on current prices, please contact Donald Mason.


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